Fuck this feeling…

Tbt Halloween a few years back.. I have no idea what to do this year and I’m freaking out!! D: #halloween #halp #gore #makeup


Payam Mofidi (b. 1980, Tehran, Iran) - #5 from Destroyed Memories series, 2011-2012     Drawings: Ink on Paper

The best revenge is not giving a shit.
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♥ new witch in progress!!! 


How is this so FUCKING accurate?

Casually chillin’ with Kiki the parrot.. Didn’t want to let her go she was so lovely!!! #parrot #suchwant #muchkeep


Benedetto Gennari, Portrait of Marie Anne Mancini, Duchess of Bouillon, detail, 1672–1673

He said, “You’re so tiny, like a doll, you look like you might break.” I wanted him to break me. Part of me did.
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Armani Privé