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is this anon hate not bothering you? i have never seen hate on your tumblr before

Anons don’t bother me at all,

Why would I waste time worrying about anon hate when instead I can spend the time with my big bro building a cosy tent in the cinema room and watching The Hobbit with a tub of oreo ice cream and a box of tim hortons doughnuts…

OMNOMNOMNOM no fuckz given.

I have a feeling who it might be anyways, maybe not all of them but the first one is a bit obvious lol 

Went on a mini roadtrip to Mount Nemo today. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen because it’s so high and overlooks the town for miles and all along the side of the mountain is the most sharpest, sheer drop to the bottom. A girl fell off there last week and died instantly, it’s not safe at all but still amazing to see the view. There are loads of hidden caves and the tallest trees I’ve ever seen. I loved it!

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At you xxx

Anonymous asked:
You seem nice to me.

Thankyou kind anon! :)


shoutout to all my followers who don’t hate me yet


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I pray that one day I truly hate you with every inch of my being so my heart will finally cease aching for you.
Calii Ann (via caliiann)

This hate I’m getting all of a sudden is just magical. Apparently the world doesn’t like bitches, who knew?…

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But You Seriously Are A Fucking BITCH.

Okay, well done! Why don’t you go a cry about it or something..Idk.

I’m guessing by the caps that you’re angry or upset maybe, d’you want a cookie, it might make you feel better? ;)


Thursday night dance.

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Fucking Bitch.

Love you too bbe mwah xxxxx